25 2021

Siyum (Completion Ceremony) of Masechet Moed Katan

7:15AM - 9:15AM  

Congregation Agudat Achim 2117 Union Street
Schenectady, NY 12309

Contact Jack Mintzer
(518) 393-9211

Join our teens Rachel Schmidt and Orit Shiang as they celebrate the completion of a two-year long study of a Talmudic tractate. BYO Breakfast! Firstborn children and adults (of all genders) are invited to attend a siyum on Thursday morning, 25 March, commemorating the completion of a talmudic tractate. The siyum substitutes for a day of fasting that commemorates God’s saving of the Israelite first-born children when the Egyptian first-born were killed in the tenth plague. Rachel Schmidt and Orit Shiang will be completing their two-year long study of Masechet Moed Katan-- please come to support their learning, and to join in a seudat mitzvah, a festive meal (BYO food), celebrating their mitzvah. Zoom Link: