9 2020

Meeting Children’s Needs During Pandemic--Fundraiser for Jeremy’s Circle


Virtual Event

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Please join us for a Streaming Fundraiser for Jeremy’s Circle ( to benefit Israeli children living with cancer in their families. Founder Pamela Becker, widow of Jeremy Coleman for whom the organization is named, will speak on Meeting Children’s Needs During Pandemic,

Novel Approaches in a Trying Time. The event will take place on August 9 at 3:00 PM.

Normally, at this time of year, we would be inviting you and others to join us for a benefit party and auction on behalf of Jeremy’s Circle. The revenue received from this annual event has been an important feature in sustaining the vital work of this organization, and we deeply appreciate the support of our community. This year, however, the corona virus pandemic makes this party impossible, as social distancing requirements rule out gatherings like this. Similarly, many of the items typically auctioned, like theater shows and concerts, have been canceled.

Cancer, however, does not suspend its progress because of the pandemic, which aggravates what already is a terribly stressful situation. Jeremy’s Circle has remained engaged. Fun kits with a variety of activities and games were sent out. These were very well received as can be seen from the feedback contained on the website For teenagers, a well-known magician gave a virtual performance, made more festive by the pizza sent to the homes of all attendees. A contest, the “12 Challenge,” was held with participants displaying their entries via a special WhatApp group organized for this purpose. Jeremy’s Circle now serves over seven hundred families.

In addition to her volunteer leadership of Jeremy’s Circle, Pamela Becker serves as Vice-President, Marketing for the Israeli Company prooV. She also is the author of a novel, Memoirs of a False Messiah, available through Amazon.

All are welcome at the event. There is no charge to participate. However, donations are welcome. For an invitation to participate and for further information, contact Martin Becker at 518-427-1967 or