New To Town?

Are you new to the Capital Region Jewish community, planning on moving here, or just looking for new ways to connect to local Jewish life?

Jewishly speaking, the area is a gem!  If you poke around on our website, you'll see there's a congregation for every religious persuasion. We have a social group for Jewish professionals (and young Jewish professionals) in almost every field, community-wide trips to Israel, amazing events throughout the community, and the only kosher grocery between Monsey and Montreal!  

Do you have children?  There are a plethora of local programs and events for families, too!  

Young and interested in connecting? We have a group for that! Our local Jewish Federation group NextDor focuses on the 22-40 demographic and does loads of great work.

Are you an empty-nester or moving back and looking to get connected? Explore what's available for you around our area.

Secularly speaking, the Capital Region is an amazing place to live and work. Forward-thinking businesses, upstarts, and the fast-growing tech industries all make their homes here. With city and state government, med school, law school, SUNY Albany, Union College, and Skidmore, we are always entertaining and busy! Craft breweries (so many craft breweries and local distilleries), foodie and farm-to-table culture, Hudson Valley hamlets, incredible museums, nature veneration, cultural arts, intentional communities  we have it all! Not to mention how close we are to Boston, Vermont, Montreal, New York City, and the wild western upstate NY region.

Every season, every reason, the Capital Region has so much to offer!

  • Jewish Community Access Pass

    Your VIP pass to explore Jewish life in Capital Region! Jewish Federation of Northeastern NY, together with synagogues and organizations across New York’s Capital region, is thrilled to host the Jewish Community Access Pass (JCAP)—an exciting initiative for the newly moved, newly married, newly convert...

 For more information about our community, contact:

KB Goodkin

(518) 783-7800 ext. 222





TI Goes to the Theater: Jersey Boys

Capital Repertory Theater Albany, NY



Community & Coffee

Congregation Gates of Heaven 852 Ashmore Ave
Schenectady, NY 12309



Torah Study at Congregation Gates of Heaven

Congregation Gates of Heaven 852 Ashmore Ave
Schenectady, NY 12309


How can we help you?

  • Social Connections

    Getting to know people your age and with similar interests can be difficult after a relocation. We can help make initial social connections for you!


  • House / Rental Search

    Looking for a place to live but not sure where to start? We can answer your questions about school districts, proximity to the Jewish community and provide a general overview of local neighborhoods.


If you need support in your exploration of our community, we are here for you. Reach out today!