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Pre Passover Events


Monday April 6th 6:45PM


Study Talmud with Rabbi Dan Ornstein

Special Pre-Passover Torah Study

Please use this updated Join Live link Password: 864365 

(the one in last week's congregational email will not work.)


ALL ARE WELCOME, whether or not you attend the Monday AM Talmud class. (no AM class on this Monday)





Last Day for Ohav Zoom Seder Preregistration 

Registration must be completed by today, April 6th, 5PM


We are currently making preparations for our Ohav Zoom Seder on April 9th, the second night of Passover, Rabbi Rena will host this Zoom Seder for our community from 7 – 8:30 PM. 

We will sing and read together, using the Ohav Haggadah 2020. here.


Although the ZOOM Seder will be BYOW and BYOM, (Bring Your Own Wine /grape juice and Bring Your Own Meal,) we hope to nourish one another with good company and a shared Seder experience. 


Pre-registration for the Zoom Seder is necessary. 

Additional details will be forthcoming to those who have registered. These will be emailed on Monday. 

 Register here by Monday April 6  



April 7th Chametz Sale 


If you have not yet sent in your chametz sale form, please fill it out 

online by tomorrow at 1 PM. We will be selling all of our chametz this year through Rabbi Mordecai Schwartz, who is on the faculty of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. Rabbi Schwartz MUST have all information about those selling their chametz by tomorrow evening. Forms will not be accepted after 1 PM tomorrow afternoon, April 7. For your convenience, please see the link below to the form on our website:

Dear Ohav community, 


As we prepare for a very different celebration of Passover this year, we at Ohav look forward to sharing the following resources to enhance your holiday and to keep us all connected.

See below for Zoom usage instructions




MONDAY, APRIL 6 at 7 PM:  

Pre-Passover Torah study with Rabbi Ornstein's Talmud class.  

(NOTE: There will be no AM Talmud class that day.)  



After morning minyan: LIVE

Torah study and siyyum to end the Fast of the Firstborn,

NOTE: morning minyan begins at 7 AM.


Please remember that in addition to the above 

listed services, our daily minyan and Shabbat services 

and recordings will continue to be offered on ALL of the days and times below: 


Weekday minyan M-F LIVE at 7 a.m.  


Sunday morning minyan LIVE at 8:30 AM  


Friday night Welcoming Shabbat LIVE at 6 PM 




For many of us, the Pesach seder is a highlight of the Jewish calendar year, as we look forward to joining with friends, family and community to observe the beautiful rituals of the holiday. This year is different. Please note that there is no greater mitzvah than the protection and preservation of health and life. We urge you in the strongest terms to refrain from gathering in person with anyone other than those currently residing in your household. We are all disappointed to have these restrictions imposed upon us this year, but again: our religious obligation is to sustain health and life, and to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 


We encourage you to use the available online platforms, if you are comfortable– ZOOM, Facebook, Skype, even the telephone, to share a seder experience with your family or friends. 


If you are hosting a seder for the first time and would like an overview of the seder, or to review selected melodies, check out Rabbi Kieval’s "Seder Songs" here 


This recording uses an abbreviated Haggadah created by Rabbi Rena for this year’s circumstances, which may also be useful to those who have no Haggadah at home, or those who are in need of a uniform Haggadah to share with others for an online seder. 


A PDF of the Ohav Haggadah can be downloaded here and it can also be found on our website.  


In addition, there are plentiful resources on the internet for planning a seder, including these recommended websites: which helps match hosts and guests, and also includes seder resources. offers a wide range of haggadah texts, readings and activities for all types of sedarim. 


HaggadahRUs is offering their excellent haggadot for download this year. 




On April 9, the second night of Passover, Rabbi Rena will host a Zoom seder for our community from 7 – 8:30 PM.  

We will sing and read together, using the Ohav Haggadah 2020. here 


Although the ZOOM seder will be BYOW and BYOM, (Bring Your Own Wine /grape juice and Bring Your Own Meal,) we hope to nourish one another with good company and a shared seder experience. 


Pre-registration is required for the ZOOM seder so that we can plan. Details will be forthcoming to those who register. 

 Register here by Monday April 6  





Price Chopper Makes Your Passover Meals Easy


The Price Chopper Kosher Store has prepared food and "Seder food" packages available as well as "Seder plate" packages. Due to the unique needs this year, different size options will be available for purchase. Call 518-456-9314 Ext. 8 Order must be placed by 5PM April 3rd 


Click here for the menu for 6 or more people or here for smaller groups.  


For seniors or households and individuals under quarantine, needing delivery of these meals from Price Chopper, JFS and other organizaions are offering to help. Please complete the form here noting that you need delivery of your Price Chopper Seder meal. 




As we will not be meeting for services during Yom Tov (April 9, 10, 15 and 16), watch for video recordings in upcoming emails and on our website by both rabbis before and during Passover of prayers, songs and words of Torah. Also check out our archive of sermons on Passover and the Exodus, soon to be added to the website.


For the Ohav Passover guide: Click here

Please remember to get your Chametz sale forms to us before 10 AM on Wednesday morning, April 8. For printable chametz sale form: Click here. Online chametz sale Click here 




The internet is filled with resources on all aspects of Passover preparation and celebration this year. In addition to those mentioned above: 


For helpful, updated information about keeping kosher for Passover this year during COVID-19, read the following guidelines of our Conservative movement's Rabbinical Assembly:   

USCJ Passover Resource Page

Conservative Yeshiva Passover Resource Page

Rabbinical Assembly Passover Resource Page

JTS Passover Resource Page

Jewish Grandparents Network Passover Resource Page

PJ Library Passover Resource Page

18 Doors Passover Resource Page (formerly Interfaith Family) 



Please know that all of you are in our thoughts during this challenging time, and that we are available to talk or to provide support in whatever ways we can. Please contact either Rabbi Dan or Rabbi Rena directly if there is something we can do to help.  


We wish everyone a happy, healthy and meaningful Passover and look forward to staying connected with you and your family (on line)! 


Rabbi Rena Kieval and Rabbi Dan Ornstein



To open an individual “meeting” (service or class) use the link to reach the site. Once you have reached it, you may click on the Open Zoom box at the top of the page (if box does not appear, you may click where it says “click here”), this will open the box that says Open Zoom. The meeting cannot begin until the host has logged in, the host will log in at the times as posted below.

We are in the process of setting up a number of virtual platforms  with which to stay connected to Ohav, so keep watching for those. You may click on the links below to access the service. All links will also be on our website. 


Currently we are able to offer:


Morning Minyan Monday to Friday 7AM-8AM  Meeting id# 224-344-949 no password needed 


Sunday Morning Minyan 8:30-9:30AM  Meeting id# 476 259 477 no password needed 


For Shabbat


Welcoming Shabbat Together: Friday evening at 6 pm, Rabbi Rena will be leading Kabbalat Shabbat and offering a dvar Torah for Shabbat on Zoom. Use this link to join: 

or find it on the website under Virtual Links  


Magical Musical Shabbat for Families: 

Our own wonderful Shabbat Shorashim leader, Bracha Louz, together with Sahra and guest puppets, share the joy of Shabbat through song.   

View here


In addition, we recommend the following Jewish websites which offer a range of opportunities for learning, prayer and reflection over Shabbat and throughout the week:


Please click on  this link  to see the schedule of on-line events, services, and classes that are happening at Ohav during the coming weeks. You may also visit our website for information; virtual links. 


We hope that everyone continues to shelter in place and to shelter in peace.  


We send our blessings and prayers to you for a peaceful Shabbat.

Rabbi Dan and Rabbi Rena     


The Ohav administrative offices will be working remotely.

Emails and phone messages will be checked on a regular basis 

if you need assistance.

Nancy Pandolfo, Synagogue Administrator 518-489-4706 x13 

Cecelia Soloviev, Admin assistant  518-489-4706 x10 

Patty Marcinkowski, Finance Coordinator 518-489-4706 x15 


Classes and Services 

To open an individual "meeting" (service or class) use the link to reach the sight. Once you have reached it, you may click on the Open Zoom box at the top of the page (if box does not appear, you may click where it says "click here"), this will open the box that says Open Zoom. The meeting cannot begin until the host has logged in, the host will log in at the times as posted below.

Study Talmud with Rabbi Dan Ornstein Mondays 11:00AM-12:00PM  Meeting id# 228 858 377 no password needed 


Many Voices Class led by Rabbi Rena Kieval ~ Thursday 11:00AM-1:00PM  Meeting id# 783 531 559 no password 


Early Childhood Shabbat Party 11:00AM-12:00PM Friday  Meeting id# 429 940 667 password 994 376 


Weekday Shacharit Service



Here is a link to download  the weekday shacharit service in Sim Shalom: