Temple Sinai

Hello Temple Members & Friends,


The Passover Haggadah says, "Let all who are in need come and celebrate Passover!" This year, separated from families and friends, all of us are in need, and we look forward to joining together for our first-ever community Zoom Pesach this Thursday evening, April 9. Below is important information for joining and having the necessary materials for our online gathering.

  • Login early at 5:45 pm to greet each other before the Seder begins at 6:00 pm. 

Online Passover Seder Link

 Meeting ID: 186 298 151

  • For security reasons, we have enabled a waiting room before entering the Seder. We will admit you when we see you in the waiting room. Please make sure that you are identified by name when you log in rather than by a phone number or the name of your device, such as "iPad."
  • We encourage you, if possible, to set up your computer or device in a different space than your office or usual workspace, and to create a festive Passover environment with the following Seder foods and items if available:   
    • candles and matches
    • kiddush cup, wine or grape juice
    • matzah
    • a dish of saltwater and parsley or other green
    • hard-boiled egg
    • horseradish or another bitter herb
    • charosets (simplest recipe is one chopped apple, mixed with walnuts or pecan, and moistened with sweet wine or grape juice - proportions of each to your taste)
  • Print out your own copies of our Temple Sinai "Saratoga Haggadah" or have it open on another screen. (click here
  • Click here for a Four Questions video we prepared to enable younger members of our community to practice with singing with us. (You can find the Four Questions on p. 9 of the "Saratoga Haggadah.")
  • If you would like to observe the traditional practice of selling your chametz to a non-Jew for the duration of Passover, click here by Tuesday at 10 am.


Online EARLY Shabbat

Candle Lighting and Services 


All Shabbat evening services online will now be EARLY services, with candle lighting at 6pm (after which those who want to enjoy a techno-free Shabbat can log out) and services following around 6:15pm.  (There will be no 8pm services until in-person gatherings can resume.)  Shabbat morning services will be at 10:30am.


We encourage all who will be logging on Friday evening to have Shabbat candles, matches, kiddush cup and wine or grape juice ready. If possible, set up your computer in a different space from your office or workspace and try to create a quiet, calming environment.


Early log-on for those unfamiliar with the Zoom format, as well as time to greet each other, before the service begins, will be available 5:45pm on Friday, and 10:15am Saturday.


Zoom links to our Shabbat evening and morning services are not yet available, as we are investigating a new Zoom format, and will be sent out by Friday.