28 2022

Paul Coyer Presentation on Russia-Ukraine

6:00PM - 8:00PM  

Jewish Federation of Dutchess County
Poughkeepsie, NY


Holy War? The role of religion in Russia's conflict with the West and in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Dr. Coyer is a specialist in how religion shapes global affairs and has previously written several ground-breakng articles for Forbes on the critical but largely unrecognized role of religion in Russia's confrontation with the West, and in particular on the eequally critical role it has played in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia that has now turned into a major war.  Dr. Coyer will discuss:

  • The religious underpinnings and framework for this war, which involve predominantly Christian themes.
  • The important role played by the Jewish community in Ukraine historically as well as today.
  • The fact that in today's world the Christian and Jewish communities rise and fall together, and that this fact is particularly evident in Ukraine

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Sponsor: Jewish Federation of NENY