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Giving Levels

Women’s Philanthropy increases support for the Jewish community locally and abroad by developing leadership and raising awareness about the needs in the Jewish community through our three pillars: philanthropy, social action, and education. Being a part of Women’s Philanthropy is an affirmation of our connection to our families, our community, and Jewish people everywhere. Every woman can make a difference.

Women’s Philanthropy offers several giving levels, providing you with the chance to be our partner in helping our local and global Jewish community.

Pearl Society

The Pearl Society offers Jewish women an opportunity to make a difference in our local community, in Israel, and in Jewish communities worldwide. Join the Pearl Society and feel a Jewish connection through networking, events and philanthropy. Our fundraising event, Connections, requires a minimum pledge of $180 to the Federation/Israel Campaign. Become part of Women’s Philanthropy with a donation of 50 cents a day! Interested in ordering a Pearl Hamsa Necklace? Click here.

Women’s Philanthropy, $500-$999

Attend our Premier Event which requires a minimum of $500 or more to the Federation/Israel Campaign. With this meaningful gift, you are eligible to join the Chaim Weizmann or Brandeis Baruch Society if applicable to your profession.

Women’s Philanthropy, $1,000-$1,799

A gift of $1,000 in one’s own name to the annual campaign is another entry point into Women’s Philanthropy and everything we have to offer. Being a part of Women’s Philanthropy is an affirmation of the power of a woman’s connection to her family, her community and Jewish people around the world. At this level, you are a member of the Ben Gurion Society (ages 25–45) or the Bonim Society, and can join one of our professional societies: Chaim Weizmann, Brandeis Baruch or Maimonides.

Pomegranate, $1,800-$4,999

Pomegranates are members of a select group of philanthropists who share common Jewish values and tzedakah priorities. These dedicated women are role models in our community and continue to demonstrate what we can do together to affect change. The pomegranate is a reflection of the fruitfulness and abundance of Women’s Philanthropy. It symbolizes our commitment to Jewish life and signifies how Women’s Philanthropy sweetens the lives of those in need. The pomegranate contains 613 seeds, representing each of the mitzvot, or commandments, of the Torah. Many women choose to endow their Pomegranate gift to continue to leave a legacy.

Lion of Judah, $5,000 or more

The Lion of Judah is a symbol of the strength Jewish women have in today’s world. Lions of Judah care about the organized Jewish world and provide a financial commitment in their own name of $5,000 or more to the annual campaign. We are proud to have over 17,000 Lions of Judah in North America who wear the Lion of Judah pin. The Lion of Judah program has brought together women of all ages and from many walks of life  to play an essential role promoting social justice, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, preserving human dignity, and building Jewish identity.

Some women also choose to endow their Lion of Judah gift. By endowing your gift to Federation, you ensure that an annual gift is made in your name for generations to come.

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