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Throughout the history of the Jewish people, the religious mandate to repair the world has been a unique characteristic of our culture. Our children are taught to embrace the concept of tzedakah through the examples of their parents and grandparents, volunteering, giving and caring for those unable to care for themselves.

LIFE & LEGACY® is for everyone. Each of us, regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation, has the ability to leave a legacy. Your legacy gift can be customized and structured to fit your lifestyle, family, and financial interests. You can support the Jewish community in many areas of interest.

Leaving a legacy is simple! Some options include:

  • Bequest in a will
  • Gift of life insurance (or a portion thereof)
  • Gift of IRA, 401(k), or pension funds (or a portion thereof)
  • Gift of cash or assets
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Real Estate

This might seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help. LIFE & LEGACY® professionals can work with you and your professional advisor to identify the best option for you.

What are my next steps?

  1. Reflect on your Jewish passions
  2. Contact the Jewish Federation or one of our partner organizations
  3. Have a follow-up conversation with a Legacy Team Member
  4. Sign a Letter of Intent fill in (use Internet Explorer) or print out
  5. If necessary, formalize your commitment by consulting with a financial or legal adviser and then fill in (use Internet Explorer) or print out a Legacy Gift Confirmation Form.

Thanks to all the people listed below who have signed a letter of intent to provide a legacy gift to support our Jewish community through the LIFE & LEGACY® program! Thank you 

Laurie Rubin Abelson
Judy Adams
Marian Alexander
Milton H. Architzel
Jayne E. Architzel
Judith Avner
Shelley Auster Bader
Barry S. Bader
Wendy Kay Bates
David Bates
Edward Bein
Allyson Beletti
M. Randolph Belkin
Debra Belkin
Nancy D. Bell
Reneé Birnbaum
Eliot Birnbaum
Johnny Black & Shelly Goldman Black
Moshe H. Bonder
Leslie F. Boyer
Ruth & Rob Brass
Nanette & Arthur Brenner
Ellen B. Brickman
Karl A. Brodsky
Barbara B. Brodsky
Theresa Cassiack
Stacy J. Cohen
Jeffrey & Debbie Cohen
David P. Cohen
Rachel Cohon
Sandi & Tom Costello
Matt & Sharon Cutler
Anne S. Deiber
Antoinette & Jason Deitcher
Richard Dolins
Virginia C. Dolins (obm)
Eric Bello & Ferne L. Dutkin
Stephen Eckert
Bonnie Edelstein
Laura J. Ehrich
Marc & Judy Ehrlich
Brian Epstein
Jonathan Falk
Ronda Fein
Lawrence Fein
Joy Davidoff & James Finale
Steven & Lucia Fischer
Daniel & Judi Flax
Lawrence H. Flesh
Sharon Flom
Jennifer Fox
Gregg Fox
Ilene Frank
Stephen Levy & Marci Galinkin
Marjorie & Stuart Gang
Robert E. Ganz
Dorothy B. Ganz
Marvin Garfinkel (obm)
Rhoda Gilbert
Bill Gilbert
Carolyn & Bruce Ginsburg
William Ginsburgh
Jane Salitan Ginsburgh
John Berhaupt & Suzanne Gold
Jack & Vicki Gold
Craig & Joanna Goldberg
Catherine J. Golden
Daniel Golderman
Bill Golderman
Mona J. Golub
David & Andrea Golub
Steve & Denise Gonick
Ben Gordon
Hannah Elaine Gould
Nathan Graber
Robert E. Green
Walter & Roberta Greenberg
Brian R. Haak
Gerald Hahn
Bea Hahn
Betty Hallenstein
Aviva Hallenstein
Alex Hallenstein
Selma Rhoda Harwood
Joan Heffler
Beth Hershenhart & Amanda Hiller
Steven Hoffman
Cheryl Hoffman
Mindy Holland
Jesse Holland
Jay Horner
Georgia K. Horner
Elaine Hughes
Steve Huz
Robert Israel
Monna Israel
Mark Israel
Chana Israel
Laura S. Jacobs
Ed Jacobs
Corey Jamison-Bricetti
Rosalind Judd
Gary Judd
Martin Kaback
Jean Kaback
William M. Kahn
Ellen Kaplowitz
David Kassover
Jo M. Katz
Andrew Martin Katz
Andrew Katz
Carrie Winograd Kaufman
Joe Kay
Kay E. Keller
Gail Kendall
Shalom Kieval
Rena Kieval
Susan Kipp
Jocelyn & Robert Kivort
Karen Klevanosky
Mark & Marta Koblenz
Rob Kovach
Ilana Kovach
Stephanie Rockwood Kugler
Drew Kugler
Eric M. Larner
Mark & Jane Levine
Carolyn Robbins Levine
David Levine, DDS
Leo S. & Martha D. Levy
Katherine Levy
Karen Levy
David S. Liebschutz
James & Susan Litynski
Karen & Alan Lobel
Ira & Sheila Lobel
Therese A. Lowenthal
Sharon Lozman
Michael Lozman, DDS
Patricia Luria
Jeffry Luria
Michael & Melissa Lurie
Kenneth Malsan
Robyn Marinstein
Edward R. Marinstein
David Marinstein
Michael Steven Marx
Mary Matthews
Paula Metzner
Barbara Moore
Lewis Morrison
Allen L. Mossman
Linda Motzkin
Harris & Sandy Oberlander
Sari & Kevin O’Connor
Dan Ornstein
Eleanor & William Pearlman
Shari Piper
Neil Piper
Mara Ginsberg-Pohl & Jeffrey Pohl
Julie Pollack
Libby Post
Lillian Pozefsky (obm)
Darin Price
Lee J. Rosen
Donna A. Rosen
Susan D. Rosenberg, MD
Seth D. Rosenblum
Joan Rosenblum
Jack Rosenblum
Amarit Rosenblum
BJ & Peter Rosenfeld
Art & Peg Ruben
Sonia H. Rubenstein
Jonathan Rubenstein
Ruth Sabo
Joshua Sabo
Alvin O. Sabo
Ellie Safranko
Andrew & Julie Safranko
Randie & Del Salmon
Amy Salzman
Michelle & Daniel Sanders
Lori & Josh Saxe
Michelle Ostrelich & Howard Schlossberg
Sandor Schuman
Carol Schupp Star
Benjamin Schwartz
Hilton & Laura Segal
Nelson & Kathryn Sheingold
Barry & Leah Siegel
David E. Siegfeld
Robyn Silverman
Jerry Silverman
Randy Simon
Robin Sobol
Paul & Janet Stoler
Andrew & Beth Swartz
Jerry & Ilene Sykes
Shawn & Jennifer Tabankin
Mary E. Taber
Deborah Lee Trupin
Terry Tyson & Daniel Tyson
Herm Ungerman
Deborah Vasquez
Barbara Wachs
Jeff Wadler
Bess Wadler
Jeff & Brabara Walton
Phyllis Wang
Barry Wang
Ernie Wein
Deborah Wein
Daniel Weinberg
Bertold E. Weinberg
Deborah S.Gordon & Judy Weinman
David Weinstein
Richard H. Weiskopf
Gary Weitzman
Sandra J. Welter
Michael & Sharon Willen
Ellen Lynette Williams
Tamara & Stephen Wrzesinski
Josh & Deborah Zamer
Margery Diamond Zucker
Jack Zuckerman
Gordon N. Zuckerman &
Linda S. Zuckerman (obm)*updated monthly


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