From the CEO

Welcome to Israel

The Jewish Agency’s website explains Israel’s Law of Return as follows:

1950 – “Every Jew has the right to come to this country [Israel] as an Oleh.”

1970 – “…automatic citizenship not only to Jews, but also to their non-Jewish children, grandchildren, and spouses, and to t…

Pass the latkes

Last month, I mentioned an upcoming opportunity with celebrity chef Michael Solomonov.
The talented, Israeli-born and Pittsburgh-raised chef and restaurateur of Zahav is a beloved champion of Israel's extraordinarily diverse and vibrant culinary landscape. Watch Mike whip up a tasty h…

Super Sunday

As we have for many years, we partnered with Holocaust Survivors & Friends Education Center to cosponsor the annual Kristallnacht programming. This year, we featured three videos:

  • A Kristallnacht Observance
  • A history lesson with Dr. Stephen M. Berk
  • A special limited-time screening of Sa…

Budgeting during COVID

Last night the Federation board approved a budget for 2021. For those of you who do not regularly work on budgeting, it requires nuanced levels of forecasting and planning, both of which are challenging in good times and nearly impossible during a pandemic.

Planning: What kinds of speakers …

Hey Siri

“Hey Siri (or Google or Alexa, etc.): Who won the Knicks game last night?”

I’ve been a Knicks fan since 1984. (Don’t judge me.) It was much harder being a fan back then. Only a handful of games were televised. Maybe you could catch the final score on the 11:00 news or from the radio…