From the CEO

Three-and-a-half Scrolls

Too much scrolling! That’s the big complaint. 


“Rob, I enjoy your Friday e-mails, but there is too much scrolling.”


We did some market research and learned that the average e-mail reader has tolerance for 3.5 index-finger swipes before getting bored and hitting delete. This …

The Deal of the Century?

I have been advised not to even try.

There is no way to address the deal without being political and angering a subset of our community.

All those who purport to care have opinions, whether they read the plan or not, and for the most part, people, organizations, politicians, and government…

Stronger Together

This week I had the pleasure of hearing from Rabbi Leonid Feldman via web conference. Rabbi Feldman grew up in the former Soviet Union. He experienced violent anti-Semitism and spent time in a Soviet prison. He now serves as rabbi of a large conservative synagogue in West Palm Beach.

Rabbi …


When organizations apply for non-profit status, they must state their missions or purpose for existing. Noble missions include feeding the hungry, doing research to cure cancer, and providing disaster relief. Once securing non-profit status, an organization begins the arduous task of fundrai…