An extra hour

We’ve all pondered the question of what we would do if we had a few extra hours each week. Perhaps we’d take up a new hobby or get a few projects done around the house. Well, thanks to COVID, I haven’t been to an in-person committee meeting in seven months and find myself home most nights of the week with newfound “free” time.

Turns out, I like to cook. Actually, cook is a strong term. I’ll say that I like to play in the kitchen. I like to toy with different recipes, and I really love the immersion blender. If you don’t have one, get one. Not everything I make turns out to be edible, so I make sure that I have a box of cereal or a can of tuna on hand in case of emergencies. A few months ago, one of our recipient agencies, Leket Israel, a food-rescue organization that feeds more than 175,000 people weekly, hosted a live cooking demonstration over Zoom. My kids and I made a delicious salmon dish with the celebrity chef and had lots of fun.

This week, I signed up our Federation to co-host, with several other Federations across the country, two nights of cooking with celebrity chef Michael Solomonov. We’ll have one night before Chanukah and one night before Passover. I’ll get you the details as soon as I have them. I’m attempting to make his honey-glazed chicken for dinner tonight. I also just purchased our NextDor Cookbook. Our diverse young adult cohort shared some of their favorite proven recipes to use as a fundraiser to enhance their programming. Buy one for yourself and buy some extra copies to give out as gifts. You may get a digital copy anytime, but if you want a print copy, please get your order in by Monday.

What would you do with a couple of extra hours?

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