Bikur Cholim – Mea Culpa

I have time for a last-minute apology to the community prior to the closing of Heaven’s Gates as Yom Kippur ends on Thursday evening. 

I received notes of appreciation for my piece on Friday about our clergy and their visiting of our sick as well as many well-wishes for my father for a complete recovery. However, I’m afraid that I also stirred up a little resentment.

In failing to really grasp the complexity of social distancing over the past year and a half, I invoked some frustration from community members who could not receive any visits, even from their clergy. 

Some clergy were equally frustrated as they may have been prohibited from entering hospitals or nursing homes either by rules of the facility, rules of their own synagogue, or their own health issues or concerns. 

So, while “every member of the Jewish community is entitled to this service”, not every member might have received the service. 

Hopefully 5782 will be a better year – a year without sick to visit, but with complete access to them if needed.