Community Shabbat—Year 2

Last year we hosted the inaugural Community Shabbat dinner at the Albany JCC. I wrote about it being a “catastrophic success.” We planned for 150 people to comfortably eat dinner in the auditorium and ended needing a 400-person, heated tent for the parking lot.

What is the Community Shabbat?

The concept is a simple one and one that is utilized by larger Hillels across the country. Shabbat poses many challenges for intradenominational gatherings because Shabbat observances and practices vary considerably among our people. So, let’s split up to do those things that we do differently and come together for those things that we do similarly.

If you prefer microphones, guitars, egalitarian, Hebrew/English, abridged Lech Dodi, and standing for the Shema, the Reform service is probably for you. If you prefer a more traditional, but still egalitarian and microphones, the Conservative service could be for you. If you like no microphone, no abridging, and a mechitza, check out the Orthodox service. If you have small children and would like something fun and interactive for them, the PJ service is for you.

The beauty of this evening is that after we finish with the service of our choice, we will all come together under the one big tent and enjoy a delicious Shabbat dinner together.

Many thanks to our clergy who have endorsed this event, cancelled services at their own synagogues to encourage participation, and worked with each other to prepare their own denomination’s services.

Many thanks to 518Kosher and the Vaad Hakashruth of the Capital District for the delicious meal.

Many thanks to the Albany JCC for being the only non-denominational venue within the Albany Eruv that could support this effort. We appreciate our partnership.

Many thanks to our generous supporters who have made the evening affordable.

Limited seating is still available. Please register here