Congressional Ratification

With modest interest in the procedural, I started listening to the Congressional ratification of the Electoral College results at 1:00 on Wednesday afternoon. My intention was to keep it in the background while I worked; however, for the next 12 hours I was glued to the screen in a way that was reminiscent of 9/11.
While I am in no way comparing the tragic loss of life on 9/11, I share my overwhelming feeling of the day that our precious democracy was being attacked by terrorists on our land with the world watching.
On 9/11, I was inspired, like so many other Americans, by President George W. Bush’s address to the Nation. Similarly, I was encouraged by the bi-partisan speeches of many of our elected Senators on Wednesday evening, culminating in Congress completing their assigned duty of ratifying the Electoral College results, albeit many hours later than expected. A few specific acts that evening give me further hope that perhaps Wednesday’s events will serve as a catalyst for the change so needed in our country, including the “Pence-Pelosi elbow bump”, the “Pence-Klobuchar fist bump”, and the “Harris-Graham fist bump”. I daresay that even though we are still quite broken as a nation, I am actually optimistic for the first time in quite a while and looking forward to the days ahead.
Below, I have assembled a small sampling of statements, articles, and prayers issued by Jewish organizations and leaders across our country, including from our own Capital District Board of Rabbis.
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