Coronavirus and our Jewish Community

1. We are so fortunate in the Capital District to have, in my opinion, the best board of rabbis. It really is an amazing group. I was privileged to sit with them yesterday during a briefing based on recommendations from the Albany County Department of Health and from a consultant to the NYS Department of Health. The rabbis discussed recommendations and responses with camaraderie and compassion. Please see the full text of their message to our community immediately below this article. 


talking bubble that says What can WE do for YOU?2. Federation’s board also met last night to discuss our near-term programming with its first decision to postpone this weekend’s Super Sunday phone-a-thon. The board considered that the timing of soliciting funds to ensure that we can fulfill our mission might be better served after our community heals from the vulnerable situation we are currently facing together. So, in the spirit of nahafokh hu (reversing), which is a theme of the Purim holiday, when we switched from sorrow to joy and from mourning to holiday, let me offer a reversal of this weekend’s phone-a-thon. Instead of us calling you for a donation, I invite you to proactively reach out to us if our Jewish community can help you during these challenging times. Do you need someone to talk to? Do you need a hot meal? Do you need help with some shopping? May I connect you with Jewish Family Services or the Shalom Food Pantry?  

In the event that you were eagerly awaiting Super Sunday to make your annual gift or to help support the increased needs in our community, in Israel, and around the world, please visit our  website . Thanks to a fund generously set up by Neil and Jane (obm) Golub, your gift will be matched and have twice the impact.  


3. Finally, while committee and board meetings in our community are not (yet) being cancelled en masse, we want to be prepared. Tuesday at noon, we will be hosting a program on the tools available in your app store to help you stay “connected in isolation.” By the end of the program, you should have the skill to communicate, chat, meet, or share from anywhere.  You may participate in person or remotely. Please e-mail  KB Goodkin  to register or for more information.


A message from the Capital District Board of Rabbis



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