How's everything?

“How’s everything?”


I understand that you are making pleasantries and looking for a brief, one-line response.   But, really, “How’s everything?”


Option A: Well, there’s the pandemic and its death toll; there is the unemployment and the economy; there is the rioting and the looting. On a personal level, my daughters’ original summer wedding plans have derailed, and I am neither hitting them long nor straight.


Speech bubble that says Option B: Family members are all healthy, and even though Israel is currently allowing only citizens into the country, it offers exceptions for parents, grandparents, and siblings to attend weddings, so I will get to attend my Israeli daughter’s reimagined chuppah after all. My other daughter is still planning to marry in Albany, but it may be reduced to ten people— socially distancing—in my back yard.


Option C: Everything is fine, thanks, and with you?


I’ve decided that the most genuine and currently appropriate one-line response that I can offer is, “Everything within my control is going well, thank you. And with you?”


In other news, this Thursday evening is Federation’s annual meeting. We will induct new board members and thank our retiring ones. We will thank those who have considered the future of our Jewish community and committed to securing that future through our LIFE & LEGACY® program. We will hear from our board chair, David Siegfeld, about the state of our Jewish Federation and our Jewish community. And finally, Mark Wilf, JFNA board chair, has just confirmed that he will virtually drop by to say hello and share his passion. For Thursday night, regardless of your own NFL team preference, we will all be Minnesota Vikings fans, because Mark is the team president and a co-owner.


This year’s meeting will be via zoom. You may register here.


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