Microwave or Internet

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Four of the kids are out of the house. #1 moved to LA; #2 made Aliyah; #3 is in college; #4 took a gap year in Israel. With one child left at home, let’s enjoy our spacious abode. Let’s make an office; let’s display comic books. Why do we need shrines set up throughout the house to honor those who have moved out?

Well, it turns out that they come home. Not only do they come home, but during the pandemic, we can’t really leave the home. So much for having a spacious abode.

A few observations:

  1. Wi-fi bandwidth is a real thing. With three Zooming, two streaming, and two gaming, microwaving a snack shuts down the whole system.
  2. Some (I’m not mentioning names) would prioritize Fortnite over a Zoom committee meeting.
  3. Younger people have less resistance to sleeping on a couch or on the floor.
  4. By plugging in an old tv and rearranging the old furniture stored in the garage, you can create new usable space for college kids.We bless our children before kiddush on Friday nights.
  5. Blessing five children takes five times longer than blessing one child. Tonight, I’ll remember to have a snack first.

Of course, this is all tongue in cheek. I’ve enjoyed spending the past week with what will likely be the last time that just the seven of us will be alone together. Next week, we will gain a son-in-law and ship them back to LA. Three weeks later, we will add a second son-in-law and leave them in Israel.

As a consolation, I’ll get to microwave and Zoom simultaneously.

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