New four walls

Boredom is one of the many unfortunate side effects of the pandemic. Many have not left their homes in months. Some may get out a little, but still cannot enjoy the lives that they were anticipating. I am particularly sympathetic to our college students who were promised the best years of their lives and instead are sitting at home with their parents in on-line classes.

Here is something that our family is piloting. Please consider it for your family if applicable and appropriate.

Our eldest daughter, Maya, called her sister Bina, a first-year student at Hofstra University, “Bina, it’s bad enough that you can’t be on campus, but living at home adds insult to injury. Come out to LA and live with me. You can continue taking your classes remotely, and you will at least have four new walls to look at.” So, Bina is now in LA.

Bina called her cousin, Faigy, another remote college student living with her family in Passaic, N.J. “Hey Faigy, there is an empty bedroom in my house. You should go live with my family. My brothers are home, and you will have four new walls to look at.” So, our niece, Faigy, is now living with us.

Neither of these changes had to happen, but both have successfully shaken up the monotony of COVID living for everyone involved, at least temporarily.

In other news, to shake up the monotony of my life, I lost my phone, and my home internet went down. Relative to a pandemic and other social and economic challenges, it is not a big deal. I only mention it in case you have been trying to reach me, or we had an appointment that I have missed. My apologies. Until I am back up and running, hopefully on Sunday, it is like every day is Shabbat for me, I am hard to reach, with no access to a calendar or my contacts. Good time to catch up on my reading.

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