Next Priorities

With Chanukah off Jay behind us, which big priorities are next?
Fundraising: We are actively running two campaigns, our annual campaign and our Israel emergency campaign. Your support is critical. Please click here for our annual campaign and when you are finished, please click here for our Israel emergency campaign.
Planning for 2024: Israel solidarity trip, community Shabbat dinner, and a robust lineup of speakers and events.
Combatting antisemitism: A few weeks before October 7, we brought in Matthew Berger of the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism to help us kick off an effort to combat antisemitism. Just as we were starting to distribute the blue squares, October 7 happened, elevating the need for this work.
We’ve seen antisemitism at the Bethlehem Public Library, on the steps of Temple Israel, and at the Albany Common Council. We’ve seen issues on several of our campuses and public schools. Our children are constantly inundated on their social media feeds.
Federation works with many community partners to address these issues. Most often, we are behind the scenes, meeting with superintendents, town supervisors, and deans. We have representatives who speak in front of boards and committees. Our goal is to present a single unified front to make sure that our messaging is consistent and clear. Sometimes, however, we turn to our social media warriors for assistance in loudly broadcasting our message. We work with Unpacked and have its library of positive media available. Of course, we work closely with all levels of law enforcement.
If you have any concerns, please reach out.