Purim 2022

We celebrated Purim 2020 in our synagogue with our friends. We heard the Megillah; we exchanged meshloach manot; we collected for the poor; and we partied.
Then the world closed.
It has been an absolute pleasure this week celebrating Purim again with our communities. Festivities started with the first Megillah reading on Wednesday night where we enjoyed seeing the building filled with people. Festivities concluded with a final Megillah reading, a festive meal, and a party last night. One partygoer described the scene as beautiful chaos.
I’ve heard that my synagogue was not unique as families were out in droves at many of our synagogues. Other communities are sharing similar stories.
Hopefully, this COVID pause is not just a tease, and next month we’ll celebrate Seder with family and friends.
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