Semiannual Soapbox

“Daddy, who are those people and why are they in our seats?”
My kids grew up as regular shul goers, and we have our regular seats, except on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, when we find seats in the back, for these are the days that American Jewry decided that everyone should be in synagogue.
The Rosh and the Yom are the big days. The Days of Awe. The High Holidays. Inscribed and Sealed. I get it.
But what if we had picked Purim and Simchat Torah as our two days instead? These are our fun days. Dancing and merriment. Drinking and more merriment. Puppet shows and bounce houses. Hamentaschen and gift bags. They are our really fun days. Don’t worry about taking our usual seats, we’re not sitting anyway. We’re dancing and bouncing.
Purim is Monday night and Tuesday. Check your synagogue or Chabad for service times.
See Tuesday’s email for Purim carnivals and other activities.