So Many Choices!

The synagogue has a trip to Israel. Federation has a trip to Israel. JNF and Israel Bonds have trips. Hadassah has a trip. Maybe I should take a family trip? Which trip should I take?

If you’re considering your first trip to Israel, you probably want to hit the tourist highlights. You want to climb Masada, swim in the Dead Sea, visit the Kotel, shop in the shuk, and eat shawarma. You want to go with your rabbi and your synagogue community.

After you’ve climbed Masada three or four times, you’ll consider a culinary tour or an overnight in a Bedouin village. Maybe you’ll want a historical tour with sightseeing mixed with lectures or a political tour learning the nuance of coalition governing. Maybe you’ll want to just sit on a Mediterranean beach and enjoy the sunset.

Federation is going to Israel in April. We’re going to spend a Shabbat in Jerusalem, celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut with 150 other Jewish Federations during the annual General Assembly, and spend a day visiting with our friends in Eshkol. This trip will be unique, even for our Israel veterans.

We will not climb Masada.

Here is a flyer for our trip. Here is a FAQ on the GA. Here is a flyer for a concert in Caesarea.

Please call me if you are interested.

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