Yom Kippur Hunger Appeal

In synagogues, there is a Yom Kippur practice of encouraging congregants to financially support a Regional Food Bank Hunger Appeal. This year, I was asked if Federation could also help with the effort and try to reach those who will not hear a request from a bimah.

Through an allocation to the Joint Distribution Committee, Jewish Federation helps feed people around the world (including the impoverished seniors in the former Soviet Union). We allocate funds directly to Leket, a food bank in Israel. In the height of the pandemic, we partnered with Jewish Family Services to deliver food to our local seniors. With a COVID relief matching fund, we provided meaningful funding to the Shalom Food Pantry.

Judaism obligates us to feed the hungry. We leave the edges of our fields for the poor. We are commanded to share our bread with the hungry. We are told to open our hands and our homes to those in need. For more details, listen to your rabbi’s Yom Kippur sermon.

In simple laymen terms, the late comedian John Pinette said it best, “I don’t starve. I don’t think anybody else should.”

In preparation for the High Holiday season, I encourage supporting a local food bank, food pantry, or soup kitchen. Consider:

Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York  or 

Shalom Food Pantry 

or your favorite hunger-relief charity.

If you are overwhelmed with the choices, send a donation to Jewish Federation and indicate your wishes to support the Yom Kippur Hunger Appeal. We will make sure that it lands in a worthy place.

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