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Tikkun Olamhealing the worldand the idea that all of us are created B'tzelem ElohimIn God's Imageare central teachings in Judaism. The list of resources below is an opportunity to continue our communal conversations around social justice and share tools for collective learning about how we can do better every day to embody our tradition's ideals. The list, like the work of social justice, is ever growing, shifting, and sometimes polarizing. We will update this page frequently.


Note: This list is intended to inspire learning, and views, therein, may not always align with the views of Jewish Federation.



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From ADL


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Read the following articles and resources to better understand the impacts of racism in our country and learn how you can join this fight.

ADL Educational Resources

  • 13th, a Netflix documentary exploring racial inequality and mass incarceration, and discuss it with friends and family.

Take Action

Learn about your city's positions on policies that can decrease police violence.

From The Community Foundation for the Greater Captial District

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Resources from Local Law Enforcement

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