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Tribefest 2014

Connect, Explore & Celebrate
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TribeFest is an entertaining, interactive and educational celebration that will draw over 1,500 Jewish young adults (ages 22-45) from across North America. TribeFest will reflect the vibrant setting of its host city, New Orleans, offering meaningful, fun, and top-quality content. Through presentations by dynamic leaders in politics, entertainment, music, art, food, religion and other aspects of Jewish life, TribeFest will offer attendees many ways to connect to their own Judaism and how they see themselves as part of the community.

Top Reasons You Should Be There
• Learn about opportunities to connect with local, national and international organizations.
• Network with people of all different backgrounds from across North America.
• Explore your passions and interests and discover new avenues for action.
• Celebrate and embrace the many rich aspects of Jewish life.
• Hear dynamic speakers share their stories and why being Jewish matters to them.
• Participate in meaningful service projects and make a difference.
• Discover Judaism at your own pace and in your own manner, in ways that specifically
resonate for you.

We are offering subsidies!
Please speak with KB Goodkin (518) 783-7800 or before you register.

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