10 2021

Kristalnacht Commemoration - Finding Manny

6:00PM - 7:30PM  

Virtual Event

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Clifton Park Chabad presents

Kristalnacht Commemoration- Finding Manny

Join us for a meaningful commemoration in honor of Kristalnacht.

Over zoom, we will watch the inspiring film: Finding Manny
70 years after escaping from a Nazi death train—an empowering story of optimism through the darkest of moments. When Manny was just 11 years old, the Second World War broke out. Though he went into hiding, the Nazis soon caught him. He spent a few years being sent to a number of concentration camps spread over three nations. This included the infamous Buchenwald camp. Throughout this time, Manny saw the horrors unleashed by the Nazis — numerous innocent people were killed off, some through starvation and some by extermination. He also spent some time in a forced labor camp that had a low survival rate. Despite these challenging experiences, Manny succeeded in escaping detainment and boarded a train to freedom. He later found refuge in an orphanage at the age of 16. In the documentary, Manny is now a nonagenarian who lives in Toronto. His family convinces him to travel to the places where he experienced the horrors of the Holocaust. After a German researcher invites him to visit the orphanage and share his story with the new generation, Manny decides to make the trip. The film follows Manny as he visits Germany, Poland, and Austria, reliving the concentration camps where he spent time as a youngster.

If you would like to join us over zoom to watch the film at 6pm, email us to receive Clifton Park Chabad zoom ID

If you would like to watch the film before Wednesday and join for the discussion at 7pm, email Rabbi Yossi.