Congregation Gates of Heaven

Updates for the CGOH Community


A note from Congregational Leadership:


We've had so many questions over the past few days, and they really boil down to two things: What is CGOH doing to help, and what can individuals do to help or to get help?


First, what we are doing: we have closed the temple office and either cancelled or made "virtual" all meetings, activities, and classes. All staff and teachers will be paid and keep their benefits as though there were no closings. Our building has been and will continue to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and senior staff are in sporadically to check on the building and open mail and packages. We are experimenting with Zoom meetings and virtual classrooms to keep congregants and families engaged and informed.


To that end, please take advantage of the following:


Get Together and Schmooze

Wednesdays at 1pm


Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Matt

Thursdays at 12noon


Friday Shabbat Services*

7pm via livestream: 

Scroll to the bottom of the page for livestream.

*Shabbat is ONLINE ONLY.


We suggest you join Zoom meetings a few minutes early to make sure your technology is working. 


What you can do and what we can do for you:

We recognize that food may be a challenge for some. If you are willing to be a volunteer food shopper and deliverer, we would like to connect you to someone who needs help.


If you need food, we can help connect you to a volunteer who can shop and drop off for you. You will need to have a credit card on file at the temple. (If you are already using Instacart or another delivery service, please continue to use that service.) 


How it will work:

If you want to volunteer or need a shopper, please email Laura at LEHRICH@CGOH.ORG. She will make the connection between people needing food and shoppers, who can communicate with each other via phone or email to take care of details, lists, and logistics.


Shoppers will be reimbursed for groceries by check from CGOH. People needing food will have their on-file credit cards charged for the amount of their groceries. 



What else can you do? 

Check on your neighbors, especially elders and people who are socially isolated. Take a break from social media if it's making you anxious. If you can, go get some fresh air. Get your news from reliable sources rather than relying on sensationalist and inaccurate outlets. Read a book. Practice good self care and be mindful to model good self care for kiddos who are home. Make a donation to your local food pantry. Foster a pet from the Humane Society. Consider housing an LGBTQ student who maybe can't go home because it isn't safe to do so (ask your college kids if their friends need help). 


And finally- stay tuned! As we have opportunities for online gatherings, we will let you know. 


All classes and activities are cancelled, and the temple office is closed through Sunday, March 22nd. 


Most meetings have either been cancelled or will be done online via Zoom. Please check with your committee chair for more information.


We will endeavor to keep our website and social media channels up to date as well as send you updates by email as we need to.


If you have an emergency please call Executive Director Laura Ehrich at 518-256-4051 (texts are ok), Rabbi Matt Cutler at 518-461-0526 (texts are ok), or Director of Congregational Jewish Living Arnie Rotenberg at 203-521-4591 (texts are ok). You can also email us: LEHRICH@CGOH.ORG, MCUTLER@CGOH.ORG,  and AROTENBERG@CGOH.ORG.