16 2022

Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People | An Evening with Ben Freeman


Virtual Event | Jewish Federation of NENY 184 Washington Avenue Ext.
Albany, NY 12203
(518) 783-7800

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Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People

Ben M. Freeman is a Jewish leader, a Jewish thinker, and a Jewish educator. Join us to hear about his journey and first book Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People in conversation with NextDor Chair Erik Lustgarten. This event is sponsored by NextDor and open to the community.

Born in Scotland, Ben is a gay Jewish author, internationally renowned educator and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion specialist focussing on Jewish identity, combatting Jew-hatred, and raising awareness of the Holocaust. His first book, Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People, was released in February 2021, to great international acclaim. He is currently working on his much anticipated follow up, focussing on internalised anti-Jewishness, due to be published in 2023.

As a specialist in the field for twenty years, Ben is a prominent thought-leader on Jewish education, history and identity. He is a trained teacher and experienced lecturer designing and facilitating unique learning experiences for both his students, the general public, and global organizations. His work also includes consulting for Emmy Award winning directors on documentary projects.

Currently based in Hong Kong, Ben now heads up the Humanities Team at an American International School and lectures on antisemitism at Hong Kong universities.

Through his work, he aims to educate, inspire and empower both Jewish and non-Jewish people from all over the world.

Follow his work across all major social media platforms through @BenMFreeman

Virtual | No charge | Open to the community

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Sponsor: NextDor and Jewish Federation of NENY