10 2023

The LAB Sessions: Judaism is irrelevant and other fun complaints


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Gil Mann: Judaism is irrelevant and other fun complaints

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Gil Mann is an entrepreneur, author, volunteer, dad, and saba.  He co-founded with his wife Debbie, LEARN-PC Video Systems in 1983.  The company grew from the couple's basement to having offices around the world to become one of the country's leading producers of PC training material, developing alliances with among others, Microsoft and Intel. 
He is the author of 2 books: 
Sex, God, Christmas & Jews: Intimate Emails About Faith and Life Challenges
How to Get More Out of Being Jewish Even if
A.  You are not sure you believe in God,
B.  You think going to synagogue is a waste of time,
C.  You think keeping kosher is stupid,
D.  You hated Hebrew School or
E.   All of the above!

He also published Being Jewish magazine for 6 years and has lectured in 70 cities about Judaism. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Magma Cum Laude with degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science.  Gil has served as a volunteer in many leadership positions in the Jewish community including serving as Interim CEO and President of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation.  He chaired the Federation’s Continuity and Identity Department and Young Men’s Division.  He has helped lead three missions to Israel.  He has been President of Beth El Synagogue and chaired their $8 million capital campaign.  He served as a Vice President of the Minneapolis JCC and as a member of the Board of Directors of Minneapolis Jewish Community Housing.   Currently he is member of the Board of Governors of the Minnesota Jewish Foundation, the Executive Committee of the Jewish Community Relations Council and Chair of the Jewish Community Security Steering Committee for Minnesota and the Dakotas. Outside the Jewish community, he has volunteered as a soccer and baseball Little League coach.  Currently he volunteers as a hospital clown with adult patients and has presented to doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals about the “Healing Power of Humor” at the Mayo Clinic and many other hospitals.

Intended to be experienced as teams, we are hoping the LAB Sessions will offer our partner organizations insight into themes and tools for each of our institutions and program to share, build, and grow. Much like our past engagement summits, each of the LAB Sessions will feature an outstanding professional from around the Jewish field. All participants will have to opportunity to learn as groups of 2-5 from sponsoring organization and will have time to work within the session as their team and with the wider group. Ten sessions will be offered, each team does not need to be the same for each session. Example: a topic may pertain to a membership committee but not to a finance committee, then those committee members should participate. The only exception being the preference to ensure there is one consistent staffer or layperson who attends all 10 sessions to ensure consistency across the course.  All sessions will be 7-9 pm on Zoom. Cost is $180 to the sponsoring partner organization regardless of number of sessions attended or people from each org participating.

REGISTER HERE: https://jewishfedny.regfox.com/lab-sessions-2023

Sponsor: The LAB & Jewish Federation of NENY