450 Rockets

My daughter Bina is on a gap-year program in Israel, housed about 30 miles north of the Gaza Strip. Tuesday morning, we received the following text from her, “We had a couple of sirens and will be moving up north.”


My daughter Jenny lives in Jerusalem and teaches in a school about 40 miles north of the Gaza Strip. We received the following text from her, “School is closed. We had a rocket day. It’s like a snow day, but not really.”    


I received these thoughts from our friends in Eshkol, “All day yesterday and this morning there were a massive amount of bombings and one of the homes in Eshkol suffered a direct hit. There was damage to the home but thankfully the family, parents and three children adhered to the security specifications and were safe in their secure room and thus saving their lives! … Our situation is difficult and complicated now, we have our resilience center (partially funded by Federation) who gives support to all who need it. We the people of Eshkol have a strong spirit and we our strengthened by all of the support we receive.”


This has been a very difficult week for our family and friends in Israel. Schools and many offices have been closed. People have been living in bomb shelters or the safe rooms of their homes. Those who can have relocated to safer parts of the country—out of reach of the rocket fire. 


Jewish Federation stands with Israel and helps to support her victims of terror. We have been in constant contact with our friends, and I know that they appreciate our concern. I’m especially proud of our teenagers who have directly reached out to their new friends who visited our community a few weeks ago. 


Isaac Herzog, Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency for Israel, said, “At times like this, we know and feel the support of the entire Jewish family…to hear such unwavering support for the people of Israel during this difficult time. Our unity is our greatest strength and will carry us through these difficult times. Let us pray for peaceful days ahead.”




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