Community Shabbat was another huge success this week, not because the whole event went off without a hitch, but because it represented achdut—Jewish unity, at its finest.
We are a communal people. We study in pairs. We pray with at least 10. Yet, we disagree and we fight. We have political and denominational differences, and we prefer to accentuate these differences rather than focus on our commonalities. It takes real enemies to remind us that every Jew is responsible for one another.
These are very disturbing times for our people. ADL’s statistics on antisemitism are frightening. College campuses have become hotbeds of Israel and Jew hatred. We are seeing a very real desire for people to congregate with their whole Jewish community in safe spaces.
So, Federation is working to accommodate. Chanukah on Jay, Community Shabbat, and Yom Ha’Atzmaut have become three of our flagship programs, each boasting hundreds from our local Jewish community.
Registration is now open for Yom Ha’Atzmaut (May 13). To learn more and secure tickets, click here.