Bourekas and blintzes and cheesecake, oh my

The Torah commands our celebration of three festivals each year that correspond with three harvest seasons. During the time of the Temple, we were to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem to offer gifts to God. Without the Holy Temple, our celebrations look different today, but Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot remain three of our most holy days.

Passover is a lot of work—cleaning, shopping, cooking, burning, tin foiling, schlepping, etc.

Sukkot is less work, but there is still work in building our sukkot.

In my opinion, Shavuot wins, hands down. We make cheesecake. Some people go above and beyond, and make homemade blintzes, but cheesecake is the standard for Ashkenazi Jews. Sephardic Jews make bourekas and other delicious dairy foods.

Note: Rabbis and others preparing for all-night Torah study sessions—I recognize your hard work. Chefs and bakers—I see you, too.

Friends, we all can do this. Shavuot begins this Tuesday night. Chag sameach!