Breaking News!

Breaking news: The Jewish holiday season has been extended!
Following the success of the High Holidays, with synagogues around the world reporting attendance figures not seen in more than three years, world Jewry has decided to extend the season by eight days (seven days for Reform Jews and Israelis).
But the extension comes with a twist. We’re going to tone down the “heaviness” and transition into to a more celebratory vibe. The High Holidays are intense—known as the Days of Awe to include the Day of Judgement and the Day of Atonement.
This next week we’ll refer to as the Time of our Joy. We’ll gather with family and friends and eat outside in our Sukkahs. We’ll wave our lulavim. We’ll sing songs of praise. Every area synagogue, Chabad, JCC, and Hillel has something fun planned. Check one of them out. Bring your kids. We made it through the extreme days. Let the fun days begin.
The holiday of Sukkot begins tonight.
Shabbat shalom and Chag Sukkot sameach!