Dinner Dialogue

Pre-pandemic, I used to eat chicken for a living. (I’m, of course, referring to the dozens of community dinners and fundraisers I’d attend while representing Federation.) Two years ago, I had a major career change, and I started Zooming for a living.
Last night, I was back on the chicken circuit (short ribs, actually) with the Schenectady JCC Gala. Congratulations JCC on a really beautiful evening. It was so nice mingling again with vaccinated community members whom I have not seen in two years.
“We watch The Dick Van Dyke Show over dinner,” stated a woman at my table.
“Don’t tell people that,” said her husband.
“It’s not like it’s going to be in tomorrow’s newspaper,” quipped the woman.
I’ve missed dinner-table banter. Zoom is great, but it’s just not the same.
“Any thoughts on what I should write Fedmail about tomorrow?” I asked.
“You should write about Sunday’s event, Chanukah on Jay.” Sunday’s event was amazing, exceeding all my expectations. Our estimators, based on the density of the crowd and the number of latkes and donuts consumed, think that we had 800 people show up, and our demographers believe that every segment of our Jewish community was represented. When Neil Golub asked the crowd, “Who wants to do this again next year?” he received a booming confirmation. Thank you to the Federation team, our co-hosts Chabad of the Capital District, Schenectady, Jay Street businesses, and our 26 partnering organizations.
We could not have done it without all of us.
“You should write about this dinner.”
“You should write about your cancelled Israel trip.”
“You should write about your grandson’s visit this past week.”
“Just don’t write about us watching Dick Van Dyke over dinner!”
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