Happy Holiday

We have many types of holidays throughout the year. We have Biblically ordained days, rabbinic days, days celebrated by our friends and neighbors of different faiths, days established by the governments in the lands where we live, and days that have reached holiday status by nature of their observance. I’m going to put Superbowl Sunday into that final category.

Certainly, it’s a big day for football fans who have been gearing up for it since last year’s big day. They follow the teams and the players, read analyses, and study the statistics. Superbowl Sunday is the culmination of their year of preparation for this final showdown.

For the non-fans, they can still get wrapped up in the food, festivities, commercials, and half-time show. The markets and restaurants have been preparing for weeks, ready to cater parties and provide for all of your needs. If we keep with the holiday analogy, Superbowl Sunday would not be considered a fast day.

Super Bowl ads -- $5.5 million for a 30-second ad -- actually cost a little less than last year. I understand that some of the big-name companies who have purchased many ads in the past have shifted budget dollars away from advertising and into COVID relief. This could be an interesting story worth following.

Another story with wide appeal this year is the veteran quarterback, who has won more Super Bowls than any other, matched up against the talented young guy. There is an 18-year age difference between them. It’s the old guard versus the new guard. This story can translate into many different arenas outside of the football world and will also be worth following.

Of course, there should not be any in-person parties this year. If you haven’t already, a quick Google search will suggest several different ways to safely and remotely celebrate the big day with friends.

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