Hey Siri

“Hey Siri (or Google or Alexa, etc.): Who won the Knicks game last night?”

I’ve been a Knicks fan since 1984. (Don’t judge me.) It was much harder being a fan back then. Only a handful of games were televised. Maybe you could catch the final score on the 11:00 news or from the radio. Otherwise, you waited for the morning paper. If it was a late game, you might have to wait another 24 hours for the next morning’s paper.

We are no longer accustomed to waiting. First of all, every game is available to watch, but more importantly, Siri, Google, and Alexa all know who won last night’s game and are happy to tell me any time I ask them.

Shabbat is a little different. I don’t watch tv and I don’t speak with Siri on Shabbat, so if the Knicks are in a playoff game on the west coast on a Friday night (halevai ~ if only it should happen), I won’t know the outcome until after Havdalah on Saturday night.

If you’re not a fan, you may not appreciate the analogy, but that’s my best way of explaining how I’ve been feeling since the polls closed in California on Tuesday night. One of the teams has already won the important game, yet we have no way of finding out which.\

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