How about horseradish?

Applesauce or sour cream? That’s the big machloket (dispute or disagreement, usually pertaining to Jewish law) this time of year. What is your preferred condiment with your Chanukah latkes?

How about horseradish?

I make gefilte latkes. I defrost a loaf of frozen gefilte fish, mix in egg and potato pancake mix, and fry it up in olive oil. They smell so good that unless I’m home alone, they don’t ever make it to the table for serving.

So, let’s return to the condiment machloket with regard to gefilte latkes. Applesauce still works. Sour cream will still work for Ashkenazi Jews, but some Sephardi and Mizrachi Jews do not eat fish and dairy together and should consult with their rabbis. For those who put ketchup on everything—enjoy. While I, personally, don’t eat it, the winning condiment in my house is red chrain (horseradish).

Unless you’re out of town (shout out to my Florida, Arizona, California, and Israel readers), I look forward to seeing you at Chanukah on Jay Sunday afternoon. We will have fun for all ages. Meteorologists are forecasting that our current precipitation will be clearing out on Saturday with Sunday’s weather looking pretty good. It may be a little chilly, so dress appropriately and/or enjoy our new-for-this-year warming tent.

Chanukah begins on Sunday evening.

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