Anyone catch the Knicks game last night?

(Apologies if you’re a Celtics fan. This reflection is from the perspective of a Knicks fan.)

The Knicks have been inconsistent this season, losing as often as they win, and it has been a little frustrating for fans.

But my son Dov and I are not fair-weather fans. We sit down to watch most games optimistic that our team will have a good outing. They had a great game on Tuesday, and we were excited for last night. And then they were down 25 points.

Our Knicks climbed all the way back with a chance to win in the final 1.5 seconds. The ball ended up in the hands of RJ Barrett, who was having one of his worst shooting nights of the season. He hoisted a desperation 3-point shot at the buzzer and it went in! Knicks win. Euphoria in Madison Square Garden and in the Kovach living room.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the ups and downs with COVID. I’m going to Israel—I’m not going to Israel. We’re hosting a live program—we’re switching to Zoom. My tone was a little gloomy. Last night, Israel opened her border again for American tourists.

Wins are always good but especially in this precarious environment. We’ll embrace them when they come along.

Let’s go Knicks!

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