I love this week before Passover.
I know that there’s cleaning, shopping, cooking, traveling, and lots of other work leading up to the holiday and the seders, but I think that’s precisely what I love. The commitment to this holiday is unprecedented.
The 2013 Pew Research Survey of Jewish Americans found that attendance at a seder is the number one common practice for American Jews. Twenty-two percent of us keep kosher in the home or light Shabbat candles, but 70% of us participate in a seder. And this type of spread is true regardless of affiliation, age, education or marital status. Likewise, religious observance seems to have no bearing on the celebration of Passover.
Sadly, COVID is still looming. Plans for resuming in-person gatherings have been derailing all week. Two of our planned seder guests have cancelled, and scheduled house guests pulled out this morning. Looks like last year’s final seder prayer, “Next year in person, in Jerusalem” might still be a year away.
Chag kasher v’sameach (Hebrew—kosher and happy holiday) and a zissen Pesach (Yiddish—sweet Passover).
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