Pesach Management

Jewish Federation hosts many events throughout the year. Even switching temporarily to the virtual world during the pandemic, there are still many logistics that need to be managed to successfully pull off a good event. Securing a speaker, confirming a date, creating the marketing materials, preparing a mailing, and scheduling the promotion are just a few of the many necessary steps. (Post pandemic, securing venue and catering will be put back on this list.)

Sara is our project manager. She uses checklists and calendaring to keep us all on track leading up to, during, and after our events. Most of her work is done behind the scenes, which is the way she likes it. She is not a fan of the limelight, so please don’t tell her that I’ve written about her.

Like a Federation event, Pesach is a multi-faceted beast which requires management to pull off.

The Passover Seder is statistically the #1 most-observed Jewish ritual during the year. People with limited other exposure to Jewish practice find their way to a Seder, so statistically anyway, my thoughts should resonate with most of you. (Although COVID is still limiting in-person gatherings this year, I have been reading that with vaccinations, some grandparents are looking forward to reconnecting, and after a year of practice, people have been perfecting their virtual skills.) In my home, I pick the Haggadah, I chair the shopping committee, and I serve on the cooking committee. The guest-list committee has been put on hiatus. I ordered a new Haggadah yesterday for review and menu negotiations are starting this weekend.

Cleaning – Whether you turn over your kitchen, sell your non-Passover food, tinfoil your counter tops, dust with a candle and feather, or “simply” take the opportunity to do some Spring cleaning, there is work to do. I’m in charge of cleaning the cars, and I serve on the feather committee.

Last week I heard the rallying cry, “Purim is here so Pesach is near!”

Time to finish up the hamentashen, wipe up the crumbs, and project manage Pesach.

Checklists available upon request.

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