Sunset - Sunrise

At our upcoming Passover Seders, we will be rehashing the ten plagues inflicted by God on the Egyptians. What I find interesting about the plagues is that each of the plagues was based on a natural occurrence, but with some sort of supernatural twist. Frogs, for example, are natural, but the quantity of frogs was not. Darkness is natural, but the intensity was not.

Monday’s eclipse put me in the Seder mindset.

Certainly, all of the eclipse consequences are easily explained by science, but we witnessed things that were just a little bit outside of the realm of normal. We are used to seeing the sun rise in the east and set in the west. On Monday afternoon, we watched a magnificent 360-degree sunset followed by a spectacular 360-degree sunrise moments later. The bugs and deer came out at dusk. The deer, almost confused, stayed out for a bit as the sun reemerged, before returning to the safety of their woods.

Some are trying to couple last Friday’s earthquake with this week’s eclipse for some sort of ten-plague sequel. I’m not suggesting this, but maybe it’s interesting enough to discuss at this year’s seder?