Thank you!

By any measure, phonathons are part of “old-school” fundraising. First of all, speaking on the telephone is old school. With caller ID, we have the luxury of answering only the calls that we want to answer, and with the volume of spam calls that we all receive, we want to answer very few of them.
Secondly, there is the discomfort that many have asking another for money and the discomfort that a donor might have in sharing their philanthropic intent with another.
Going online using a credit card is so much easier. (If this is your preference—thank you. DONATE HERE.
However, interestingly, old school still works sometimes. This past Sunday—Super Sunday—we raised $500,000 for our annual campaign and another $100,000 for some special projects with a good old-fashioned phonathon.
Thank you!
Thank you to our donors who appreciate the good work we do in our community and around the world. Your generosity allows us to continue doing our important work.
Thank you to our volunteers who gave up their personal time on a Sunday to make the phone calls. We could not do this without you.
Thank you to our staff who also gave up their Sunday, making sure that the day ran smoothly.
A special thank you to several of our local officials who came by to show their support and stand with our Jewish community. With the events in Israel and in our local community, the outpouring of support from civic leaders on the federal, state, county, and local levels was overwhelming and deeply meaningful. We are so appreciative of our partnership.