Virtual Eshkol

Back in 2016, I wrote how our role in the broader Jewish community is one of convener and as such, we have no natural predators. We partner; we do not compete.

In that article, I highlighted JNF, “the caretaker of the land of Israel, on behalf of its owners—Jewish people everywhere.” This mission aligns nicely with our mission of “ensuring the creative survival and continuity of the Jewish people.”

Since that article, we have collaborated on a few projects, and we are delighted to share our offices with them when they host in-town meetings.

During the pandemic, JNF has created a new initiative for touring Israel, virtually. For $50, participants purchase Zoom spots and enjoy a week of sightseeing with an Israeli tour guide. Spots are limited so that groups can gel as they would on regular tour buses.

I love this.

Flyer for Eshkol Virtual Tour

So, it’s partnership time again. Working with our friends at JNF, our friends at the Jewish Agency, our friends in Eshkol, and an Israeli tour guide, we are creating a virtual tour of Israel during the week of July 6, with at least one day focused on sights in Eshkol. To enhance our person-to-person relationships, we’ll mix up the “bus” with folks from both Northeastern New York and Eshkol.

Click here to join me and our chairs Phyllis Wang (chair-elect of our Jewish Federation) and Mara Ginsberg (chair of our local JNF and board member of our Jewish Federation) on our virtual tour with Eshkol.

Click here to sign up for a different tour or learn more about the JNF program.


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