Safety & Security


Safeguarding Our Community

Jewish Federation of NENY, in partnership with Secure Community Network (SCN), local law enforcement, and our local Jewish partner agencies, strives to provide accessible security resources and training designed for all community members. This content curated for individuals to protect themselves and others from violence.


Secure Community Network (SCN)

The official safety and security organization of the Jewish community in North America, founded under the auspices of The Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Learn more:


Upcoming Community Trainings (Virtual or Live)

  • We invite your organization’s security team to join us for the annual Safety and Security Preparedness Program for Jewish community synagogues, agencies, and institutions.

    For more information, ...

  • On a family trip to Israel back in 2007, on the way into a grocery store one of my young kids asked, “Daddy, why are they looking in our bags on the way into the store? We couldn’t have stolen ...


Resources for Anytime

480 Seconds

Surviving an Active Shooter Incident
NYS Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services

FBI: Prepare to Survive

How to employ the run, hide, and fight tactics to survive an active shooter incident.

Alert Authorities Fast Using The 'See Something, Send Something' Mobile App

Have you ever seen something suspicious, but weren’t sure how to report it? Now you can. Download See Something, Send Something and you can inform authorities if you see a potential threat.